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The Process

From the beginning, Payback, was destined to be one of a kind.  Starting as a spiritual prompting in the middle of the night, to being shelved for over fifteen years, to finally coming to fruition on stage just months before a global pandemic.  There is an opposition to good and Payback keeps it simple, engaging and entertaining in showing audiences how it came to be and operates.

Payback is born

When you are given certain tasks and ideas you have no other choice but to bring them to life.  

Just a peek 

A unique, thought provoking stage play that takes the story of Christianity's Devil, to give you an unforgettable visual of how evil came to be and how it operates.  Through fact based story telling, captivating music and dance, paired with powerful dialogue, Payback is a must see! 

Want to help bring Payback to a stage near you?  Send us a message :)

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