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About Kathenas Entertainment 

Dynamic Story Telling



Artistic Direction

Kathenas Entertainment is a black owned and minority operated full service production company, including casting services, creative consultation, artistic direction as well as skilled product, portrait and lifestyle photographers.  Our approach, much like our crew, is one of true diversity, equity and inclusion.


Kathenas, καθένας in Greek, translates to every or everyone. A play on words, Kathenas Entertainment, entertainment for every one or everyone's entertainment.  A dynamic, diverse, equitable, inclusive and versatile entertainment production company for every one.  Whether it's a commercial, wedding, corporate event, music video, personal project or you just need someone to get inspiration and guidance from.  We've got you covered.  Our passion is felt most when creating content and telling stories that we all can feel a part of. 

We are a dedicated and unique group of visionaries who excel in creating narratives that captivate, motivate and inspire the audience.  Working side by side with you throughout each phase of the project and creative process.  Life is too short to not have memorable and meaningful journeys, so why not go on one with Kathenas Entertainment and your vision.

Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany, founder Chris Richardson cultivated Kathenas Entertainment based on his life experiences and wanting to create content, energy and space for everyone to feel they and their voices are part of a beautiful larger picture.  His outside-of-the-box approach to life gives way to a limitless creative thought process, which you feel included in when working with us.

Women Behind The Lens

Equitable Opportunity

Creative Consultation




Diverse Casting




As seen on TV

Kathenas Entertainment reserves the right to refuse service to anyone or project that it deems divisive or intentionally hurtful.

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